Red Vecina  

Mobile app for private neighborhoods


Red Vecina proposes to solve the communication problem between the residents of private and closed neighborhoods.


The objective of the project was to create a mobile application that may be capable of generating fluid communication between residents of private neighborhoods. Also allow to launch alerts to give notice of possible problems.  

Social Network moderated by and for neighbors

Create your neighborhood, invite your neighbors, and moderate the content to generate development proposals

Create and follow interesting groups

There are groups to follow the latest news of your neighborhood about transportation, accesses, collaboration among other topics 

Inspiration for development of the community

Be an example for your neighbors, create actions in your neighborhood, and become a reference for your community and friends

Approach & Solution

In the first place, an analysis of all the necessary functionalities for the mobile application was carried out. Considering that the customer needed to create a proof of concept, flexible technology was used to create an application quickly.

At the end of the project, the application had its version for Android and iOS. 

Currently the project has been terminated, however there were more than 1000 users in the application.

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